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High-speed imaging systems by BIFO Company

BIFO Company specializes in design and production of high-speed imaging systems for measurements of high-speed phenomena. Such phenomena include combustion, explosion, shock waves, expansion of ground or parts of casing and constructions; ballistics of objects thrown up to orbital velocity and their interaction with obstacle or target; natural (lightning) or simulated electrical discharges in gases or other media; different pulsed radiations in the range from near-infrared to hard X-ray, including laser radiation; interaction between matter and radiation, including low-power (with biological objects), high-power and super-high-power optical (including laser) radiation, as well as corpuscular radiation (electron, ion and other beams), etc.


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High-speed cameras, streak cameras,
X-ray streak camera

We design and make virtually all kinds of streak cameras, X-ray cameras and streak tubes. Spectral sensitivity of our devices extends from hard X-ray to near-infrared spectral range. We produce streak cameras of femto-, pico-, nano-, micro and millisecond ranges. All of the cameras are equipped with digital CCD readout unit and image processing software.

We supply digital TV systems based on CCD and CMOS sensors, special software for them and data transfer equipment based on electrical or fiber-optic communication line. Among our products you can find equipment for testing and calibration of streak cameras - various optical illuminators including the pulsed ones operated in pico-millisecond temporal range,  photosensors, time-analyzing spectrographs.


BIFO Company provides installation in customer places, training staff of user's company and after-sales and extended service.

Nowadays our company successfully operates on the world market. Devices produced by BIFO Company conform to the level of the world's best achievements.

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