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streak camera
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    The streak tube is intended for soft X-ray fast running processes image registration in a streak modes. It has replaceable semitransparent Au or CsJ pohotocathodes applied on a 100 nm parylene film or 10-15 μm beryllium foil,an  accelerating gird electrode closed to the photocathode, a focusing electrode, one pair of deflecting plates with pin inputs, one MCP and a blue/green screen applied on a fiber-optic disk.
   The streak tube is supplied with a flange. Using this flange the tube is vacuum-tight coupled with a flange of pumped camera where the registered process is developed The flange is connected to a streak tube shell using a siphon  what make it possible to rotate streak tube optical axis in any directions up to 100 angle related to a direction of registered radiation incidence at the photocathode. It is necessary to avoid ingress of rather hard X-ray radiation which can be occur simultaneously with soft X-ray radiation at MCP and to avoid appearance of spurious background on the sweep image of detected process

Maim parameters 


Photocathode material Au or CJ
Range of spectral sensitivity, eV: 102 – 104
Dimensions of the photocathode useful area, mm х mm 
- slit photocathode applied on the parylene film or beryllium foil
- frame photocathode applied on the beryllium foil

0,1 х 15 
8 х 8
Diameter of the screen useful area, mm 25
Magnificationau. 1
Spatial photocathode voltage in a static mode, l.p./mm ≥ 20
Useful photocathode voltagekV ≤ 5
Accelerated gird electrode voltage related to the photocathode, kV ≤ 1
Maximum electron gain in MCP, a. u. ≥ 5 х 103
Limiting temporal resolution of the tube operated in a streak mode, ps 10
Sensitivity of the deflecting plates, mm/V ≥ 0,075
Useful vacuumPa  6 х 10-4
Streak tube dimensionsmm length 215
width / max diameter 75 / 75
Weightkg   0,75