streak camera
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streak camera
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This miniaturized streak tube is intended for low-illuminating fast running processes image  registration in streak and multiframe modes. It has a photocathode applied on a fiber-optic disk, a focusing electrode, two pairs of plates with pin inputs which deflect the image in mutually traverse directions , one MCP usually used as a electronic shutter and a blue/green phosphor screen applied on a fiber-optic screen.

Main parameters

Type of the photocathode
Range of spectral sensitivity, nm
380 – 850
Sensitivity of the photocathode, mA/W
Gain, W/W
≥ 20 
≥ 5х103
Dimensions of the photocathode useful area, mm х mm
Diameter of the screen useful area, mm
8 х 16 
Magnification, a. u. 0,7
Spatial photocathode voltage in a static mode, l.p./mm 
Useful photocathode voltage, kV 
Sensitivity of the deflecting plates, mm/V: 
- first pair 
- second pair
Limiting temporal resolution of the tube operated in a streak mode, ps
≥ 25 

≥ 0,009 
≥ 0,008 
≤ 20
Streak tube dimensions, mm
width / max. diameter

60 / 48
Weight, kg 0,5