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streak camera
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This streak tube is unique due to linearly changeable voltage supplying on one pair of deflecting plates leads to a formation of streak or multiframe sweeps of a registered process image. Moreover total duration of three frames is approximately equal to the streak sweep duration. Since linearly changeable voltage is used instead of the multistage one  frame sequence duration can be achieved up to 1010GHz withing frame duration less then 100 ps.

The streak tube has a portable (manipulated) photocathode, an accelerating electrode, three pairs of deflecting plates which are used for high-speed image sweep and designed as through-pass elements of passband communicational lines with coaxial 50 Ohm connectors, a 3-hole framing aperture, two pairs of low-frequency plates used for an establishment of frames distances and a blue/green screen applied on a fiber-optics disk. 


Main parameters


Type of the photocathode S-20
Range of spectral sensitivity, nm 380 – 850
Maximum photocahode sensitivity, mА/W 
Dimensions of the photocahode useful area, mm х mm
Diameter of the screen useful area, mm
≥ 20 
8 x 8 
Magnificationa. u. 1,3
Spatial resolution of the photocathode in statical mode, l.p./mm ≥ 20
Useful voltage of the photocathode, kV 
Accelerating gird electrode voltage related to the photocathode, kV 
Number of frames 
Passband of the sweep systems, GHz 
Sensitivity of:, mm/V 
- plates of broadband sweep systems 
- low-frequency plates 
Minimal frame duration, ps
Maximum frequency of frames sequence, Hz
≤ 12 
≤ 3 

≥ 2 

≥ 0,025 
≥ 0,04 
≤ 100 
~ 1010
Limiting temporal resolution of the tube operated in a streak mode, ps 2
Streak tube dimensionsmm length 345
width / max diameter 140 / 85
Weightkg   ≤ 2,5

As a special requirement for soft X-ray radiation registration the streak tube can be designed as the exposed one with a replaceable photocathode