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RU-08 high-speed CMOS readout unit


    The unit is intended for high-speed record of continuous and pulse images from an image converter streak and frame cameras’ output as well as of images that appear at arbitrary time moments, storage of images in the internal buffer of memory and their subsequent transfer by USB interface in computer for processing. In principle, it can be used for work with a wide class of the optical images supplied to its input by means of lens optics.

Basic components: 
  • CMOS television camera (TVC) with an objective, a socket of external synchronisation and USB interface;
  • notebook;
  • cable for external syncronisation;
  • electrical or fiber-optic communicational link with a PC;
  • software.
Main parameters 


Type of CMOS sensor

Aptina MT9M413STM

Number of elements, pixel

1280 x 1024

Pixel dimensions, μm x μm

12 × 12

Photosensitive area of sensor, mm x mm

15.36 x 12.29

Programmed accumulation times

2 х 10-6 – 1

Maximum triggering frequencyHz


Number of ADC bits

or 10

Linear dynamic rangedB

≥ 60


USB 2.0

Length of communicational link with a computer ,m:

- electrical cable
- fiber-optic cable


≤ 500

Operation modes:

- periodical with internal triggering
- with external triggering
- with programmed triggering
- driven







1×, 2×, 4×

Adjusted frame dimension(horizontal) pixels

320, 640, 960, 1280

Adjusted frame dimension(vertical) pixels

1 - 1024

Capacity of a buffer, Gb


Power supply, V


Consumption current, А


Dimensions, mm

240 × 90 × 90

Screw thread of the lens



Requirements to a computer: 
  • Operating system: Windоws 2000, Windоws XP or Windows Vista
  • Processor – no less than 1 GHz
  • On-line storage –no less than 1 Gb
  • Host-controller USB 2.0