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RU-05M CCD readout system

The unit is intended for record and digital processing of continuous and pulse images from an image converter streak and frame cameras’ output as well as of images that appear at arbitrary time moments. In principle, it can be used for work with a wide class of the optical images supplied to its input by means of lens optics.

Basic components: 

  • CCD TV camera provided with an objective, an external lockout connector and USB interface;
  • notebook;
  • connecting cable;
  • electrical or fiber-optic communicational link with a PC;
  • software.
Main characteristics

Input objective: 
- focus length, mm
- aperture ratio d/f, a.u.

Type of CCD sensor


Dimension of CCD sensor, mm x mm
6.4 x 4.8
Pixel dimension, μm x μm
4.65 x 4.65
Number of elements, pixel
1392 x 1040
Range of spectral sensitivity, nm

Adjustable range of TV camera gain, dB

6 - 36

Number of ADC bits

8 or 12

USB 2.0
Length of communicational link with a computer,m:
- electrical cable
- fiber-optic cable



Power supply, V
Current consumed from power supply , А
Sensitivity (brightness at the CCD die at 500 nm wavelength under about 12dB gain and signal to noise ratio of 1 at the TV camera's output), photon/pixel


spatial resolution at the CCD sensor under 50% contrast, l.p./mm


Operational mode:
1.Continuous mode with a possibility of single and cyclic input of an image and its processing
2. Waiting mode with a possibility of acquisition time control at the CCD die in the range from 7 to 268435455μs under external triggering


 Minimal triggerring frequency, Hz:
 - without binning
 - with binning of  2 × 2
 - with binning of 3 × 3
 - with binning of 4 × 4

Lockout input impedance, Ohm
Linear dynamic range under 22.5 dB gain and acquisition time of 100μs , a. u.


Dimensions, mm: 
- length
- diameter

Weight, g

≤ 300

RU-05M camera in a set with a fiber-optic cable and a USB splitter 

Basic software possibilities: 

  • to reproduce at a display a recorded image as a whole or its part in a selected by an operator scale;
  • to save a recorded image or a frames sequence at a hard or removed disk of a PC
  • to accumulate images at the CCD die (in a waiting mode) or programmatically at a PC;
  • to combine images (sum or difference of the last image input and a recorded file, sum or difference of two files);
  • to subtract regular noises and constant background
  • to rotate received image about the frame center selected for an angle selected by an operator e;
  • to form profiles of image relative brightness (intensity) according to one/two horizontal(X) and one vertical (Y) sections selected by an operator/ Meanwhile the section can be as in line form as well as in form of a control length window;
  • to measure width of related brightness profiles at 0.1 and 0.5 levels of their maximum and ranges of increase (decrease) of the profiles between 0.1 and 0.9 levels (0.9 and 0.1);
  • to measure related image brightness in a point or a band of horizontal and vertical sections crossing with a possibility of brightness scale spreading up to 2,5 or 10 times or its compressing up to 2,4,8 or 16 times ;
  • to vary velocity of special subimages movements under operation in a streak or multiframe image sweep mode;
  • to form lines of equal brightness (isophoto) at an image with selected by an operator level of brightness (from 0 to 255 and from 0 to 4095 to 8-bit and 12-bit modes respectively) or a set of the lines with selected brightness increment;
  • to realize digital correction of an image (brightness, contrast and range);
  • to reproduce an image in gray (black-and-white), blue and multicoloured (pseudo coloring of equibrightness ranges) palettes;
  • to inform user about ADC overfill. Meanwhile red color appear at the overbrightness sites of black-and-white and blue palette images, and white colour is lighted in case of multicoloured palette. This option can be turn on/off as user wish

Usage of software for contrast measurements of optical test object

Operational Conditions   
Delivery Set


283 - 308 K


80 %


95 - 105 kPa

  • RU-05M CCD camera.
  • Cable of external synchronization.
  • Electrical and fiber-optic (option) communicational link with a PC.
  • Software on CD.
  • Notebook with installed software (option).
  • Certificate with description and maintenance instruction.
  • Case.