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L-04 Laser Diode Lighter



    The lighter is intended for on-line testing of serviceability and for checking temporal parameters of image converter cameras of pico-, nano, -micro- and millisecond ranges. With the aid of the lighter the illumination of slit and frame test-objects as well as slits and a frame field of image converter cameras can be performed in continuous and pulse modes of operation.
     The main components of the lighter:

     The lighter consists of two parts: a control unit and a radiator. A laser diode serves as is a radiating element of the lighter.


     Principle of operation:

    The control unit provides a constant or pulse current through a radiator. The radiator represents the laser diode fixed in a tube, located on a support with changeable height. In the tube there is a lens with an aperture ~ 18 mm and a focal length ~ 15 mm. A distance from the lens to the laser diode can be adjusted. As a result, a radiation flux can be set divergent, quasi-parallel or convergent.


L-04 Lighter with K008 camera and notebook

Main parameters:

Radiation wavelength in the maximum of spectral intensity, nm 670
Duration of a radiator light pulse in a mode: 
                                                                       - «INTERN TRIG», ps
                                                                       - «PULSE 230 µs», µs
≤ 50 
≥ 225 - ≤ 275
«Dead» time at the external mode of synchronization, ns ≤ 35
Adjustment range of additional light pulse delay (with 100 ps step), ns ≤ 50
Short-time periodic delay instability (jitter), ps 0 – 99.9
Triggering frequency, Hz, in operation modes:
       - "INTERN. TRIG: 0.5, 3, 10 and 30"
       - "INTERN. TRIG - PULSE 230 µs
       - "EXT. TRIG"
 0.5, 3, 10, 30

Supply voltage from industrial mains with 50 – 60 Hz frequency, V 85 – 264
Power consumption, VA ≤ 3.5
Control unit over-all dimensions, mm х mm х mm, not more than 220 х157 х 89
Radiator over-all dimensions (with a stand of adjusted height), mm х mm х mm, not more than (160-240)x110x110
Control unit weight, kg ≤ 1.1
Radiator (with a stand) weight, kg ≤ 1.4

Operational Conditions:Delivery Set:


283 - 308 K


80 %


95 - 105 kPa

L-04 Lighter
Certificate with description and maintenance instruction