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ITAS-01 imaging time-analyzing spectrograph

The spectrograph is intended for application in non-stationary spectroscopy and permit to record a spectra dynamics of high-speed processes occurred in visible and NIR spectral ranges in single-frame and streak modes of recording. It is based on imaging monochromator-spectrograph of MS3504i-type (produced by joint Belorussian-Japanese enterprise «SOLAR TII») coupled with a streak camera K008 of our own production.

Article s [38, 43] in "Publications" section are devoted to designing and tests of this spectrograph.

Possible fields of application:
  • laser physics,
  • non-linear optics,
  • non-stationary spectroscopy,
  • ecology (register in the lidar-type systems of  detection and determination of location, dimensions and chemical composition of water or air pollution), etc.

Main components of the camera:

The devise consists of two main parts - the monochromator proper- spectrograph of MS3504i-type, which disintegrates registered process radiation into a spectrum with astigmatism correction and K008 streak and single-frame camera , whichprovides temporal analysis of this spectrum in a single-frame mode of record or in streak mode.
K008 streak camera is a multichannel detector that amplify image brightness up to not less then 5×10 3 times at the maximum of spectral sensitivity of the streak tube. Thus ITAS-01 has a hundred times more and tens thousand times more number of registered channels in streak and single-frame modes respectively than a similar spectrograph coupled with a photomultiplier (PMT), which is a single-channel spectrograph.

Main parameters:

Spectral sensitivity range, nm 370 850
Return linear dispersion, nm/mm 2.37
Spectral resolution, nm 0.08
Rearrangement step of wavelength, nm 0.01
Frame size at streak tube's photocathode, mm x mm: 12.5 x 12.5
Frame duration:
- nanosecond control unit, ns
- microsecond control unit, μs
- millisecond control unit, ms

– 260
24 – 640
24 – 640
Length of a split at streak tube's photocathode, mm: ≥ 12.5
Sweep coefficient at streak tube's screen:
-  nanosecond control unit, ns/cm
- microsecond control unit, μs/cm
- millisecond, ms/cm

0.1 – 300
0.1 – 300
Sweep coefficient  nonuniformity, % 5
Spatial resolution on the  photocathode of streak tube, l.p./mm:
- nanosecond control unit
- microsecond control unit
- millisecond control unit

Limiting temporal resolution of the spectrograph operated in a streak mode, ps
- at wavelength 800 nm
- at wavelength 616 nm
- at wavelength 400 nm

“Dead time” o in a streak mode for the shortest range
- nanosecond control unit, ns
- microsecond control unit, μs
- millisecond control unit, ms


“Dead time” d in a single-frame mode:
- nanosecond control unit, ns
- microsecond control unit, μs
- millisecond, ms

Triggering frequency Hz:
- nanosecond control unit
- microsecond control unit (from short range to the long one)
- millisecond control unit (from short range to the long one)
- CCD TV camera

3 – 30
10 – 1
Typical length of the communicational link between a notebook and the spectrograph, m:
-  electrical cable
-  fiber-optic cable

Spectrograph dimensions, mm x mm x mm 800×550×260
Spectrograph weight, kg 40
Supply voltage from industrial circuit of 50-60Hz alternating current, V 100 230
Power consumption, W 75
Operational Conditions Delivery Set


283 - 308 K


80 %


95 - 105 kPa


Monochromator-spectrograph MS3504i

K008 camera

Notebook with software

Certificate with description and maintenance instruction

Case for K008 camera

Box for MS3504i