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streak camera
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2-channel photosensor FD-001

 Photosensor is meant for:

  • Automatic launching of streak cameras from the beginning  stage (the low-illuminating one as usual) of registered process (launching channel); 
  • Lockout pulse supply at a camera for rapid (≤ 0, 2 μs) decrease of streak transferor’s microcannel plate gain under registered process brightness rise to a value exceeding the critical one and being able to total or partial loss of registered information under over-illumimation (saturation) of image sweep.

Possible application of the photosensor:

synchronization of various detectors –streak cameras, oscilographes,etc with light emitting processes in such fields of science and technologies as:
  • Physics of shock waves,
  • Laser physics,
  • Nuclear physics,
  • Plasma physics,
  • electrical raptures and discharges including lightnings , artificial as well as nature (lightnings).
Main components of FD-001 photosensor:
  • two optical systems with replaceable lenses supplied with an aperture and limiting masks;
  • set of color and interference filters;
  • periscope;
  • two photoamplifiers;
  • two comparators of photocurrent;
  • two lockout pulses formation systems.
       Operational principle 
    Launching channel is usually used for camera synchronization at the beginning (low- illuminating) stage of a charge, the control channel is meant for camera’s sensitivity decrease at the moment of the final (extremely bright) stage of a charge with the photosensor use with streak cameras special intended for charge image registration in  long air intervals  and for lightnings image detections. 
    Light signal of a registered process is transferred into the electrical one with using a  photomultiplier and supplied to the comparator. After electrical signal amplitude is achievement the control level established by the comparator a limited scheme is acted. The scheme signal amplified and transferred into a rectangular pulse is transmitted from launching channel’s input to the streak camera’s launch. A signal obtained from control unit’s output is used for control of streak tube’s microchannel plate gain.
    Two types of input single-lens input objectives are possible. The first objective of 50 mm focus length procures 100 angle of vision. Another one of 28 mm focus length is meant for  38angle of vision achievement. Selection of one of the input objectives is made according to a type of the objective located at streak camera’s input, for example «UVO-01» - ultraviolet (F=50mm), «Industar-61» (F=50mm) or «Mir-10» (F=28mm). 
    In order to filter a signal and background color filters SZS-21, ZhS-18 and interference filter at 386nm wavelength are provided. To stepped decrease of a signal and background neutral filters of D=0.6; D=1.4 and D=3 density are set at the input objectives.

    Photosensor characteristics

Range of photoamplifier spectral sensitivity, nm ≤ 300 – ≥ 800
Sensitivity of the photocathode at the maximum of spectral characteristic, mA / W
≥ 40
Diameter of photocathode useful area, mm 10
Focus length and replaceable objective's aperture 
First  objective 
second  objective
50 / 1:2 
28 / 1:1.5
Dead time, µs ≤ 0.3
Input lockout pulse parameters at 50 Ohm burden,  
Launching channel/control unit 
amplitude, V 
duration, µs 
rise time, µs

≤ 0.2
Dimensions, mm ×mm × mm 400×260×240
Weght, kg ≤ 3
Power supply, W: 
alternating current of 50-60 Hz  frequency
constant current (option)
85 – 264 
18 – 36
Power consumption, W ≤ 5