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streak camera
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CUPM - 01

Control unit of programmed measurements


Multifunctional sw/hw unit of programmed measurements CUPM-01 is meant  for

  • formation of measurements program for a set of 8 channels of streak cameras or other devices (the unit lets  to form 9 independent launching pulses at 8 independent channels);
  • measurements of distances to air electrical discharges (lightning)or other phenomenons occurred in atmosphere and accompanied by knocked waves or loud sounds;
  • formation of a brightness fault/rise pulse for a streak camera.

The unit can also be used for launching of other devices, for example oscillographes, self-recorders, etc.  

Main characteristics of the unit

Range of delay programming, μs 0.1 ÷ 500
Delay increment, μs 0.1
Range finder  
Range of distance measurements, m 50 ÷ 20 000
Accuracy of distance detection, m 30
Power supply  
Voltage of alternating current supply, V 85 ÷ 264
Frequency of alternating current, Hz 50 ÷ 60
Voltage of constant current supply, V + (9 ÷ 18 or 18 ÷ 36)
Characteristics of output channels  
Number of channels 8
Number of supervisory channels 1
Number of buffer output channels 1
Number of digital output channels 1
Characteristics of main channel's lock out pulse  
Amplitude, V 22
Duration, ns 40
Impedance, Ω 50
Characteristics of supervisory channel's lock out pulse  
Amplitude, V 4.5
Duration, ns 40
Impedance, Ω 10
Characteristics of buffer channel's lock out pulse  
Amplitude, V 22
Duration, ns 40
Impedance, Ω 50
Unit dimensions  
Size, mm × mm × mm 290 × 280 × 65
Weight, kg 1,8