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BIFO cameras are available for order

К008К011 and K017 are the smallest and lightest cameras among streak cameras of this type in the world. They were developed on a base of serial components thus price of these cameras twice of three times less then known analogs of foreign companies.

Possible fields of application of K008, K011 and K017 cameras:

  • ballistic investigations,
  • studies of burnings, detonations, explosions, dispersion of fission-fragments' field and ground, etc,
  • physics of knocked waves,
  • laser physics, non-linear optics and spectroscopy,
  • nuclear and plasma physics including thermonuclear physics,
  • electrical raptures and discharges including and lightnings,
  • ecology (register in the lidar-type systems of  detection and determination of location,dimensions and chemical composition of water or air pollution), etc.

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