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K008S streak & single frame camera

 K008S Camera

Camera is designed for fast process image registration in near infra-red and visible spectral ranges. Camera allows measurement of spatial-temporal parameters in streak and single-frame modes. Image from streak tube is recorded by CCD camera connected to PC. Software provides full control of camera functions and wide range of analyzing and processing tools for images.


Key features:

  • Photocathode spectral sensitivity range of 380..830 nm.
  • Sweep duration from 2ns to 600 uS
  •  Full control from PC
  •  Variety of ways to synchronize with the process under study.
  • Optical trig input.
  • Software-controlled additional initial delay with 10ns step.
  • User-friendly software.
  • Metadata saving in image files.
  • Exporting images to use in third-party software.
  • Exporting brightness profile data in .csv format
  • API to use camera with third-party control software is provided, allowing remote control.



Main technical parameters


Photocathode spectral sensitivity range, mm   380-830
 Limiting temporal resolution, ps  40
 Maximum gain  5000

 Sweep duration:

Sweep Unit SU-1 (nanosecond), ns

Sweep Unit SU-2 (microsecond), us




 Maximum sweep coefficient nonuniformity, %  5

 Spatial resolution on the photocathode, l.p/mm

Sweep Unit SU-1 (nanosecond)

Sweep Unit SU-2 (microsecond)




 Frame size on the photocathode, mm  15.2 x 12.8

 Frame duration in single frame mode:

Sweep Unit SU-1 (nanosecond), ns

Sweep Unit SU-2 (microsecond), us




 Input trigger level adjustment, V  0.3...30
 Camera dimensions, mm 280х110х200 


Operational Conditions


283 - 308 K


80 %


95 - 105 kPa

Delivery Set

  • K008S camera
  • Notebook with software
  • Certificate with description and maintenance instruction
  • Case