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streak camera

About the company

Scientific production company BIFO was founded in 1991.

General director: Ph.D. Gregory G. Feldman.

Scientific director: Ph.D. Vitaliy B. Lebedev.

The main goal of the company is to supply scientific organizations involved in investigations of aerodynamics, ballistics, nuclear and thermonuclear physics, biology, medicine and other fields of science by high speed equipment. Our devices are used in many research laboratories all over the world.


           Main directions of our activity:

  • Developing and manufacturing of vacuum photoelectronic devices: time analyzing and multiframe streak tubes, light amplifiers for researches including in UV and X-ray spectral ranges.
  • Developing and manufacturing of streak cameras of milli-, micro-, nano- and subnano temporal performance for operation in IR, visible, UV and X-ray spectral ranges.
  • Developing and manufacturing of high speed video graphics systems and software.
  • Developing and manufacturing of special generators for high speed cameras calibration.
  • Developing band manufacturing of time analyzing spectrometers for express-analyze of dynamics of gases and solids states changes