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Universal K001 camera operated in streak and 3-frame modes


The camera is intended for registration of images of fast running processes in a near infra-red and visible spectral range and measurements of their spatially-temporal parameters in streak and 3 frame mode (4x109 f/s maximum frame rate) of sweeping the registered image. Record of the image from a streak tube screen is made by means of CCD readout unit with image input in the personal computer.Software provides the user with wide possibilities of processing the recorded image. 

Articles [8 and 13] in "Publications" section are devoted questions of designing of this camera, articles[56, 58, 65, 82] - to its application.

Possible fields of application:
  • laser physics;
  • nonlinear optics;
  • nonstationary spectroscopy;
  • nuclear physics;
  • plasma physics including thermonuclear synthesis;
  • electrical breakdowns and discharges including lightning;
The main components of the camera: 
  • entrance objective (the set of objectives is possible), projecting registered process (object) in a plane of the intermediate image;
  • mechanical shutter;
  • frame window and three replaceable slits three replaceable splits of 0.05, 0.1 and 0.2 mm width, installed in a plane of the intermediate image;
  • double-objective system projecting the image of registered process (object) from a plane of the intermediate image on the photocathode of time-analyzing streak tube;
  • neutral optical filters in density 0.5, 1 and 2, installed between objectives of double-objective system;
  • PIM-110 time-analyzing ICT with S-20 photocathode at the glass window, several pairs of the deflecting plates and a phosphor screen applied on a fiber-optic disk;
  • EP-10 ICT– modular brightness intensifier with S-25 photocathode applied on a fiber-optic disk, one microchannel plate (MCP) and a phosphor screen applied on a fiber-optic disk;
  • power supply unit;
  • replaceable control units realizing a streak or 3-frame sweep mode;
  • RU-05M CCD readout unit (1392 x 1032 pixels, 12-digit ACD, linear dynamic range ≥ 300) with an electrical (≤ 5 m)orfiber-optic (≤ 500 m) communication line with the computer;
  • notebook with installed software;
  • slit and frame test-objects for the control of the spatial resolution.
Main characteristics:

  Streak mode                                                                             3-frame mode

Sweep coefficient 
- fast control unit
- slow control unit

0.15 – 15ns/cm
0.05 – 15μs/cm

Slit lenght on photocathode 6 mm
Sweep length 25 mm
Spatial resolution on the photocatode ≥10 lp\mm
Limiting temporal resolution 2 ps

Frame dimensions on photocathode, mm

8 mm x 6 mm

Frame duration (equal for all 3 frames):
- fast control unit
- slow control unit

0.15 – 15 ns
0.05 – 15 μs

IRation of frame period  to frame duration ~1.1-1.3
Spatial resolution on the photocathode > 5 lp\mm


Dimensions: lenght x width x height, mm x mm x mm

1040 x 210 x 390

Weight, kg

≤ 25

Mains supply voltage of  50 to 60 Hz frequencies, V

85 – 264

Power consumption, V А

≤ 20

Operational Conditions Delivery Set


283 - 308 K


80 %


95 - 105 kPa

K001 camera
Notebook with software
Certificate with description and maintenance instruction